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Transport Infrastructure

ScotAsh products have been used in the construction of roads, bridges, railways and airports for many years. From the use of basic ash as a fill material or grout, to ash-based cement in concrete for bridges, or runways, our products offer strong performance and environmental benefits over conventional materials.

The M74 extension, Clackmannanshire Bridge, the new Forth Crossing and the Stirling-Alloa-Kincardine Rail link all contain products from ScotAsh – and we are supplying ash and cement to the new Borders Rail Project.

We also produce a hydraulic and pozzolanic binding material that enables road planings to be milled and re-used, giving cost-effective, log lasting and environmentally beneficial road repairs.

We often work with clients to develop innovative environmental solutions. During the construction of the M74 extension, for example, ash was used to stabilise waste paper to create road embankments – avoiding the need for quarried materials.

Conditioned Ash, FBA, EN 450, Trojan Cement, Stabilisation Products, High Carbon PFA.

Download Recycled Roads (Rainham and Finsbury Park), Whale Brae, Royal Mile, Stabilisation, Kincardine Bypass and High Carbon PFA case studies (PDFs)