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Superpozz SV 80

Superpozz SV80 is a superfine pozzolanic Class F Fly Ash that is used to produce superior concretes. It is a highly reactive pozzolanic material, rich in alumino-silicates, that strengthens cementitious systems and provides enhanced durability.

Studies in Scotland and South Africa have shown that the presence of extremely fine particles in the Superpozz SV 80 decreases the permeability and improves the durability of concrete.

Ash particles are spherical in shape and they "roll". This provides a lubricating effect that improves the workability of concrete thus reducing the water demand. By reducing the water content, Superpozz SV 80 effectively controls the heat of hydration. At concentrations of 10-15%, the heat of hydration can be up to 15% lower.

The use of Superpozz SV80 increases the compressive strength of concrete over time. This is due to the chemical properties of the Superpozz SV80 and the distribution of particle sizes.

Chemically, it produces calcium silicate hydrate gel, which fills the pore spaces and continues to do so over time. The sustained pozzolanic reaction results in continuing strength gains up to 90 days. Superpozz SV 80 can be used in almost any application for concretes containing Portland Cement. It is particularly suited to high performance specifications where durability is a fundamental requirement.

ScotAsh’s Superpozz SV80 is also used by a client in Holland to provide extra strength to concrete containing recycled aggregates.