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Product Datasheets

BS EN 13055 fly ash

BS EN 13055 from ScotAsh is a sustainable alternative to primary aggregates, saving CO2 emissions from aggregate processing and conserving natural resources

Stabilisation Products

Environmental stabilisers and binders help to optimise resource efficiency in land remediation and recycled roads projects, providing strong environmental benefits and economic solutions.



EN450 Fly Ash

BS EN 450 fly ash (PFA) is used in projects where strength and durability is fundamentally important, such as the dam at the Glendoe hydro-electric scheme at Loch Ness

Conditioned PFA

Conditioned ash provides a sustainable alternative to natural aggregates in a host of ground engineering applications, while offering performance benefits, such as improved strength.

Furnace Bottom Ash

Furnace Bottom Ash provides a sustainable alternative to various aggregates, saving natural resources, as well as energy and CO2 emissions used in processing



Trojan Cements

Trojan Cements offer significant environmental benefits over conventional cements, such as lower CO2 emissions and conserving natural aggregates.

Trojan Grouts

Trojan grouts are lightweight, economical and sustainable, offering important benefits, such as reduced water to solids ratio and increasing compressive strength over time


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