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ScotAsh is committed to ethical business practises in all our dealings with customers, suppliers and partners. Our commitments include:

  • Endeavouring to always meet customer needs, delivering goods on time and responding promptly to information requests
  • Considering environmental, ethical and quality issues in the selection of our suppliers, in addition to cost
  • Ensuring the fair and ethical treatment of suppliers, including the payment of invoices on time
  • Seeking out partners with similar values to our own, with a view to delivering innovative sustainable construction solutions
  • Sharing our knowledge and our commitment to responsible business with others by running seminars for customers and contributing to other organisations’ publications and events
  • Wherever possible, purchasing goods and services locally.We operate a green purchasing policy and select suppliers who provide the best overall value and sustainability
  • Undertaking environmental audits of key suppliers and offering them constructive support in addressing any weak areas
  • Engaging on an ongoing basis with government, regulators, industry bodies, customers and academic institutions to promote understanding of our aims and to seek feedback and enhance our own knowledge.